Create amazing photos

of your dog.

Take your creativity off-leash!

Your dog is INCREDIBLE.


Don't they deserve a gorgeous portrait (or two)?


We are a community of creative-at-heart dog lovers, improving our photography skills one wag at a time.


Grab your camera (even if it's just a phone) and get ready to create portraits you absolutely LOVE.

Here's what we do: 

Take Better Photos

Photography tips, instruction, and know-how from a pro.

Have Fun with Your Dog 

Deepen your bond together, because it's only fun if everyone's having fun.

Celebrate Your Work

Do great things with your photos - they deserve more than a Facebook post!

"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole." 


- Roger Caras 

Let's do this!


Hi - I'm Allison, and I've been a professional pet photographer for 10 years.


But you're not here to get your dog's photo taken - you want to do it yourself! 


I believe that every dog deserves a gorgeous portrait. And I know firsthand the benefits of taking time to be creative: it can be relaxing, fun, and downright therapeutic. No bones about it!

Come hang out with me, and I'll help you create artwork out of the everyday moments you share with your dog. Wag wag - let's go!

2 ways to learn:

Take Better Photos of Your Dog

The free Facebook group where Allison posts fresh new tips every week! You can also get feedback on your photos, show off how cute your dog is, and we all celebrate each other's progress! 

Join the group!

Worth A Thousand Wags

The exclusive membership, with everything you need. Photography education, live Q&A's, challenges, and more. You'll learn how to be truly confident behind any camera.

Membership opens soon!

Curious? Download the free guide: 

Learn my top strategies for getting eye contact with your dog, every time, no problem. 


(Don't worry - I don't believe in spam, and your address will not be sold or shared with any other businesses, organizations or Nigerian princes.)

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Wag wag! Let's do this!

It's time to create gorgeous portraits of your dog.

Wag wag!


It's time to create gorgeous portraits of your dog.